Welcome to TEMPEST Network/Laboratories International, Inc. (TNL)

Here you will find a wide variety of products and services ranging from highly competitive internet packages to built to order computer systems.  Go ahead and add this page to your favorites or bookmark folder, and keep watching for great enhancements like our upcoming online storefront!  We are offer the best in online services and computer technology available.   So enjoy our site and thank you for visiting.

Our Mission

TNL is a leader in the technology industry providing superior equipment and services to our clients.  Through advanced research and development, TNL continues to bring forth innovative and compelling technologies.  In short, TNL provides Superior Technology Beyond Innovation™.

Company Profile

Currently in the business of manufacturing, programming, and servicing custom-built solutions including networks designed around our clients' needs.  Using the latest in technology, TNL offers greater performance, more value, and overall lower total cost of ownership to our clients.

TNL has established the reputation of delivering superior technology and service in the "built-to-order" industry for over fifteen years. The company offers extensive ongoing support via our support and consultation options.

Current and future objectives for TNL include expanding into wholesale distribution, security applications, research and development, and inter/intra/extranet services.

TNL is an authorized Microsoft™ OEM, and all supervising technicians are Microsoft certified and hold an FCC license.

Previously TNL has teamed up with DeVry/Atlanta to provide students with leading edge internships in Telecommunications Management (TCOM), Computer Information Systems (CIS), and Electronic Engineering Technology (EET).